Scroovie Portable Movie Theater Screen F.A.Q.

Scroovie Portable Movie Theater Screen

What is Scroovie Portable Movie Theater Screen constructed of?
The Scroovie® is made of tough, .6mm tarpaulin for the screen frame and high-contrast elastane for the screen material. The tarpaulin is heat welded to provide a maximum bond and the screen material is meticulously sewn on the screen frame by hand. .6mm tarpaulin is the same material used in commercial bounce houses. The average weight of a Scroovie® inflatable move screen, model SCR-95 is around 12-lbs.

Why do I need a Scroovie Portable Movie Theater Screen in my life?

Simply put. A Scroovie® is one of the largest, indoor movie screens you can buy for home and business use. It’s light portable and an affordable option to LCD/LED/DLP alternatives. Setup is relatively easy (around 4-minutes).  Check out the setup video.  Our Scroovie® in a Box Theater Setup requires just two wires to be plugged in for a phenomenal portable, home theater experience. If you like movies, sports, television show and video games, you’ll love them watching them on a Scroovie® .

How long will my Scroovie Portable Movie Theater Screen retain air before it need re-inflating?
Since the Scroovie® requires high air pressure to maintain its large scale, a small amount of air does escape. Don’t worry, your screen won’t flop over unless you have a gaping cut/puncture in the screen. If you need to add air just re-inflate with the high power blower which takes seconds. We estimate a good 4-6 days before your Scroovie® needs a blast of air. However, you may not need to inflate it for much longer.

Can I use my Scroovie Portable Movie Theater Screen outdoors?
The Scroovie® screen was primarily designed for indoor use. Due to its lightweight design, wind can adversely affect your viewing experience. If you decide to place your Scroovie® screen outdoors proceed so with extreme caution.

Do you offer a warranty policy?
Scroovie® warrants our Scroovie® Screens against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 90-days from the original date of purchase of the product by a consumer (the “Warranty Period”). Other products such as projectors, speakers and other components are covered by Scroovie for a period of 30-days from the original date of purchase. After this period, you will need to address any warranty issues directly with the manufacturer of the product.

Who invented the Scroovie Portable Movie Theater Screen?
The Scroovie Portable Movie Theater Screen was concocted by a couple in Miami, FL in the Summer of 2012. Morneque and Kevin L. Ramos, owners of Partyflix, a inflatable movie screen rental company (www.partyflix.com) needed a movie screen they could utilize for indoor events and during rainy days. Their goal was to design a screen that was lightweight, portable and impressive. The couple made serious efforts to bring their idea into fruition after their attempt to franchise their family business. They encountered a number of potential franchisees that were interested in their business, but could not partake in their franchise opportunity due to their region’s colder climates. Kevin pondered over this quandary. What do people do for fun when it’s freezing outside? How can people enjoy a big movie watching experience with friends amidst an arctic cold fronts? Hence, the Scroovie® was born.


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