I. Scroovie Setup

Scroovie Inflatable Video Screen Setup in 4-minutes!

A Scroovie Inflatable Video Screen weighs under 13lbs and has a screen diagonal of 124″ or
10.3ft. A  Scroovie can in literally minutes with no complicated assembly instructions or special hardware or tools.  Shortly after unboxing your Scroovie® you’ll be enjoying  some real big movie screen fun! Just follow the instructions below. Check out the setup video.

Measure for you inflatable video screenFirst locate a space for your Scroovie Screen. You’ll want to keep it away from any ambient/direct light source.  Measure the height from floor to ceiling.  Please remember that you will need a ceiling clearance of at least 8ft high and 12ft width to safely install your  Scroovie® .


Set your tripodsSet Tripods to Maximum HeightInsert tripod key if necessary.Open the base of your tripods. Set the two tripods side by side to determine that you have equal base widths. Never over tighten your tripod poles or bases.  Set the height of your tripod poles to the maximum height. If your tripods have a key. Insert your key into the last hole on the tripod pole. Let the key/pole rest on on the tripod base. Extend your tripods to your desired height. Allow at least 24″ from the tip of your tripods to the ceiling.



Strap your tirpods to your Scroovie Inflatable Video ScreenInsert tip of tripod into stopper.

Strap your screen to the tripods with the Velcro strap and seat tip of the tripods into the pole stoppers at the top of the screen.

Scroovie Inflatable Video Screen ValveHigh Output BlowerHalkey Roberts Valve

Locate the valve cap at the bottom portion of your screen. Attach the Halkey-Roberts valve to your High Output Blower and align the notches  of your blower valve to the screen’s valve.  Push in and turn blower valve clockwise. Turn on your blower. Make sure the blower is set to inflate.  Inflate halfway. Re-adjust your tripod legs. Then continue inflating. Inflate until the top edge of your screen is straight.  Do not over inflate your Scroovie Screen!


Projector Setup Icon

As you can see, setting up your Scroovie Screen was a cinch. Now let’s setup your projector. Click here to continue.


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