Halkey-Roberts valve deflation on the projector movie screen

Deflation/Storage of your Scroovie projector movie screen

To deflate your projector movie screen, we suggest you remove the screen from the tripods. Unscrew the valve cap. Using your thumb, depress the valve stem and turn counterclockwise. Air should escape rapidly. After all the air has escaped,  affix your blower tube to the valve.. Affix the other end of the blower tube to the deflation outlet, and remove any excess air.This process should take less time to complete than inflating your screen, approx. 1-2 minutes. Although this process may seem time consuming, it is a vital step. The more air you remove from your screen, the more compact your screen will be when storing.
Once you removed all the air from your Scroovie, remove the blower tube. Your screen should lay very flat. We suggest two ways of storing your screen.  Your Scroovie projector movie screen can store flat or you can roll your screen into a compact bundle. Method (1) fold your screen like a sheet. Fold the screen edges corner to corner.  Method (2) to get your Scroovie in a more compact bundle, roll your screen as shown in  the video below.

Cleaning your Scroovie

You can clean the screen frame with water and a mild soap. Your Scroovie screen material  is treated with a fabric guard at the factory. If you should need to clean your screen material we suggest that you do not use: solvents, bleach or any harsh cleaning agents.  Do not brush or scrub stains. Blot any stains with cold water and mild soap. Then blot dry with a towel  Your Scroovie projector movie screen will give you countless hours of joy if you follow these cleaning directions.

If you cannot see the video above. You can watch the deflation / storage video here.


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