Scroovie Portable Projector Screen: 124″ viewing area, only 13lbs!

New! Scroovie® Deluxe Portable Movie Screen (model: SCR-95DLX) with removable screen and blackout

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With a Scroovie portable projector screen,  enjoy movies, sporting events, TV Shows and videoScroovie Portable Projector Screen Crazy Portable games on one of the largest projection images capable of being displayed inside your home. Our original Scroovie® Portable Projector Screen (SCR-95) has a viewable image of 124″ /10.3ft (diagonally)!  With our United States Patent Pending design, a Scroovie® Portable Projector Screen can adjust to the height of your ceiling so you can really enjoy the action in any environment. It has front/rear projection capabilities. It’s lightweight, frame (12.9lbs) makes setup a breeze. Unlike other movie screens, the Scroovie is a sealed inflatable movie screen. This means no moving parts, annoying fasteners or pieces to lose. Just attach the screen frame to the lightweight, aluminum tripods and inflate the screen’s frame with our 110v high output air blower (included) and in less than 4-minutes your Scroovie Screen is ready to go! Check out the setup video.

Our Scroovie® portable projector screen start at $450 and our complete portable package–A Scroovie® in a Box Portable Theater Systems, which includes (our Scroovie inflatable movie screen, an 3D Ready, HDMI projector and a digital wireless speaker system) starts at $1399 with free shipping. To view our products, please visit our other Products/Shop page.

 Scroovie Portable Projector Screen

Scroovie Indoor Portable Projector Screen

Note: During outdoor use, do not inflate or use without securing all anchor points
to the ground with stakes or a comparable weighting system.

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Order Now!Benefits

• Lightweight (Our Scroovie SCR-95 is under 13lbs!)

• Durable

•Quick, Easy Setup (No Special Hardware/Tools)

• Front/Rear Projection Capability (depending on projector)

• Easy to Store

• Save money on expensive trips to the movies

• Host the best watch parties, rain or shine!

Order Now! But a Scroovie® isn't just for home use...It's perfect for schools, colleges, hotels, restaurants/bars, and other businesses!

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