Superbowl Inflatable Screen. It’s Scroovie time!

Superbowl Inflatable Screen. It’s Scroovie time!

Indoors? Scroovie is the perfect Superbowl inflatable screen.

If you can’t make it to New Orleans to watch the big game, you’re probably going to have a Super Bowl party. Let’s face it, Superbowl parties are the best for a  few reasons.  There is nothing like watching a big sports event with friends.  Plenty of food and plenty of drinks to go around. Also, those Superbowl commercials are way too funny. For those of us who cannot enjoy the Superbowl outdoors on an inflatable screen or large LCD because of the cold weather, the party will be an indoor event.  Well, your party doesn’t have to be a small affair even though it’s indoors.  If you are looking for a really big projection screen for your home or indoor party. Check out the The Scroovie Indoor Projection Screen (model: SCR-95). This screen features a 124″ viewing surface. Front/rear projection capability.  This lightweight screen (less than 13lbs) can setup by anyone in minutes (about 4-minutes).  No screwing. No hardware to lose.  No pieces to join together.  Just lots of fun, watching movies, sports and video games with your family. And when the party is over  you can breakdown and store your screen in less time than you set it up. The Scroovie is the perfect Superbowl inflatable screen.

If you do not own a projector, consider buying  a awesome tailgating projection package from us. Our Scroovie in a Box system has everything you need to have  the perfect indoor Superbowl inflatable screen system. Complete with Scroovie Projection Screen (SCR-95),  3D ready, HDMI projector, and wireless speakers.  you can setup this great product in minutes.   Just Plug in two wires (an HDMI wire to your cable/satellite box to your projector and another wire from your projector to your wireless transmitter. The system starts at $1099 with free shipping. Contact us today:

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