Scroovie Portable Projection Screens, fun rain or shine!

The party goes on with a Scroovie Portable Projection Screen!

The party goes on with a Scroovie Portable Projection Screen!

Portable Projection Screens, fun rain or shine!

You plan a great  outdoor movie or awesome watch party for your favorite team.  Word spreads and the few people you invited turns into dozens of people;  you are so excited. Before the event, you order food and beverages for over 50 people, then –it  happens–rain or worse snow.  We designed Scroovie Indoor Projector Screens for just these times. Once you own a Scroovie screen the party doesn’t have to stop.  A Scroovie screen is a portable projection screen. Unlike other inflatable movie screens a Scroovie is suited for indoor applications. The SCR-95 screen is light, under 12.9lbs and utilize a sealed design.  A sealed inflatable  screen differs from a non-sealed design in materials and the manufacturing. A sealed inflatable screen is constructed of thick tarpaulin ( and the material is glued or hot welded together.   A non-sealed inflatable screen is constructed of various materials tarpaulin, oxford nylon polyester, or Lycra. The non-sealed inflatable  screen is usually stitched rater than glued or welded. Air escapes from a non-sealed inflatable screen which is acceptable since an air blower is continuously blowing air into the frame structure.

Another benefit of using an indoor projection screen for your next event is that you can utilize the screen at any time of the day. Your only barrier  is light.  If you can control the light inside of a room you, your event is destined to  go off without a hitch.  Even in moderately dimly lighting conditions, the projectors of today  are powerful enough to operate flawlessly in these conditions.This is the drawback to outdoor movie screens. You have to wait until it gets dark enough to project before you can start your event.

Home theater screens and home theater systems  can be very expensive.  A Scroovie portable projection screen can be installed in your home or your friend’s home.  We designed these inflatable movie screens to go wherever you go. Rain or shine, you will be able to show movies, TV shows, and play video games on a large screen format  (16:9) in any indoor environment.  When you’re done these screens store compactly in any closet. When you want to utilize the screen again, just inflate it in seconds with our high output air blower. Partyflix, provides audio visual rental and specializes in  inflatable movie screens  in Miami. They are an exclusive distributor of Scroovie indoor projection screens. They will setup outdoor and indoor movies at the location of your choice. They also sell these home theater systems and portable projection screens to the public.

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