Rear projection movie screen or front projection?

Front or rear projection movie screen?

One of the features of owning a Scroovie Indoor Projection Screen is the ability to front or rear project. Traditionally when you’ve gone to a movie theater, usually the projector is situated overhead in a control room at the back of the theater.  The projector throws an image  at the front of the projection screen.  With a Scroovie screen you have the choice of placing the projector on either side of the screen.  This is a wonderful feature since it allows you the flexibility to set up your screen/projector to suit your needs and your environment’s.  There are benefits to both a front and rear projection movie screen. Making a good choice when choosing a setup can enhance your viewer’s experience. But it is always great to have a choice.

front and rear projection movie screen

There are many advantages of rear projection movie screen.  One of its greatest benefits is that there are no shadows cast on the screen since the projector is behind the screen. This setup also allows viewers to get closer to the screen. And since all the wires and power cords are behind the screen, there is less of a trip hazard. However, if you choose to rear project, you must have a projector powerful enough to cast an image through the projection screen’s material/membrane.  Conversely, this is the main benefit of front projection. An image will appear brighter than that of a rear projected image since there is no diffusion in the projected image.  Whatever format you choose, front or rear projection, we’re sure you have countless hours of fun on your new Scroovie!

Looking for a great front rear projection movie screen. Check out the The Scroovie Indoor Projection Screen (model: SCR-95). This screen is features a 124″ viewing surface. Front/rear projection capability.  This lightweight screen (less than 13lbs) can setup by anyone in minutes.  No screwing, No hardware to lose, No pieces to join together.  Just lots of fun, watching movies, sports and video games with your family.

Check out the Scroovie Setup Video. The Scroovie Screen can be setup  in 4-minutes and is lightweight.

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