2. Projector Setup

Projector Setup

Step 2 : Projector Setup

The projector setup is the next step. In a few minutes you will be enjoying your Scroovie Portable Projector Screen.   Installing your projector will depend on the manufacturer’s specifications for your projector.  If you own a projector,  you can use it with the  Scroovie® or you can purchase one from us. The Scroovie® screen can work with almost any projector. However, certain attributes of your projector will determine your overall picture quality.  Please go over the terms on the right before purchasing a projector. Certain features of your projector, make the projector setup easier and quicker.

Step 1 Measure Space

First,  we need to determine the proper throw distance for your projector.We can do this by doing some very simple math (don’t be afraid this is very easy). If you’re deftly afraid of math you can skip to Step 2 🙂 If you not, then let’s calculate and measure the proper throw distance for your projector.

Throw distance is determined by taking your screen width and multiplying it by the throw ratio of the projector.

Screen Width x Projector’s Throw ratio = Throw distance


Our 9ft x 5ft  Scroovie® Indoor Projection Screen (SCR-95)  has a screen width of 124” (10.3ft) (diagonal) and your projector has a throw ratio of   (.9 to 1.08).   Based on our calculations, the proper throw distance for our Scroovie® SCR-95 and your projector is 9ft to 11ft. The smaller the throw ratio the shorter the throw distance. A projector with a normal lens may take double the distance  to project the same size image.

Calculating Throw Distance projector/screen.


HDMI ConnectionConnect your DVD, Video Game console, or Cable/Satellite box

The next step in your projector setup is to connect your DVD/Bluray player, satellite/cable box, laptop, tablet or  video game console to your projector with an HDMI cable. Note: you can also use an array of inputs (RGB, S-Video, Component, RCA) to connect your peripherals to your projector.  But you will have to run a separate run of cables for audio.

*Our extension kit, which includes an HDMI splitter and 50ft of  high-quality, HDMI cable will allow you to run your Scroovie® Screen/projector and another display (LED TV/LCD TV/Plasma TV/Projector) simultaneously.


Projector and caseYou are half way done with your projector setup. Find a small table/stand to place your projector on. Plug  the other end of your HDMI cable and your three prong power cable into your projector.  Turn on your projector and select your input to “HDMI”. If you skipped Step 1 then you’ll have to move the projector forward and back until you achieved the desired image height/size. The projector is equipped with retractable legs to make fine adjustments to the height. Use the focus and zoom to make additional adjustments to the image. If the image looks skewed or trapezoidal, use the keystone feature on your projector to rectify this issue. An image will distort if the projector is placed above or below the projected surface. The keystone feature allows you to skew the top of the image so you can align it with the bottom half. Adjust the keystone setting until you have have a clear, rectangular  image.

Scroovie in Aciton

(The Scroovie® in action!)

You should also have sound coming from your projector.  Most modern projectors are equipped with on-board sound. This mono speaker can be rated anywhere from 3-10watts. If this is too weak. You may consider connecting a powered speaker system  or any compatible MP3 player boombox to enhance your sound.

Finish your projector setup with an external sound system

Or you can purchase our HDMI extension kit to utilize the existing sound from your LED/LCD/Plasma television and/or home surround system. For customers who purchase a complete system, Scroovie® In a Box,  we include a wireless speaker system that’s rated at 50-watts (RMS) per channel. This is a great alternative for those looking for rich sounding system that’s portable and flexible.

And that’s it. Your projector setup is complete.  Now just kick back an enjoy some big, screen fun on your new Scroovie® ! Once you’re done, breakdown and storage in quick. Check out this video.


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