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The Scroovie™ Indoor Projection Screen (model: SCR-95)

The Scroovie® Indoor Projection Screen (model: SCR-95)

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Scroovie™ Indoor Projection Screen (model: SCR-95)

Watch your Movies, TV show, sporting events and play video games on one of the biggest screens offered for indoor use! Includes high output blower, lightweight tripods, and carry bag.

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Product Description

The Scroovie® Indoor Projection Screen (model:  SCR-95)

The Scroovieis the perfect fit for all your indoor needs. With a huge viewing size of  124″ /10.3ft  (diagonal);  the SCR-95  is really easy to use.  So easy you’ll want to use  your Scroovie® for all your big screen viewing needs. We designed this screen to be utilized.  With this in mind,  the Scroovie’s lightweight design  (less then 13lbs)  makes setup a breeze. Just attach the screen frame to the lightweight, aluminum tripods (included) and inflate the screen’s frame with our 110v high output air blower (also included). In less than 4-minutes your Scroovie Screen is ready to go!  Check out the setup video. It has a wrinkle proof screen in permanently attached, the screen is treated with a stain guard.  It provides a high quality  image that has both front/rear projection capabilities.  Break down and storage is even faster and convenient.   We are so confident in its design The Scroovie® Indoor Projection Screen is ‘Patent Pending’ in the USA.  This product has a 90-day replacement warranty against any defects. Order yours today, these screen make the perfect gift!

Specifications IconSpecifications

Model: SCR-95

Overall Dimensions (including tripods)(W x L x H):10ft x 8ft x 2.5ft

Viewable Screen Dimensions: 9ft (width) x 5ft (height), 10.3ft/124in (diagonal)

Single Tripod Base (leg to leg): 2.5ft

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Frame Material: 0.6mm tarpaulin

Screen Material: Tightly woven elastane which provides high gain, maximum brightness and a wrinkle free image.

Blower: 110v high speed air blower

Tripods: Aluminum

Weight (without): 12.9lbs

Weight (with tripods): 19lbs

Shipping Weight: 23lbs (with tripods)


High Output Air BlowerLightweight TripodsCarrying Sack for the Scroovie Indoor Projection ScreenTripod Bag

Additional Information

Weight 12.9 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 30 in