Backyard Movie? Inflatable movie screens are the way to go!

Partyflix offers inflatable movie screen rentals in Miami Backyard movie? Inflatable movie screens are the way to go!

One of the best ways to enjoy time with the family is through backyard movies.  Inflatable movie screens have changed backyard movie nights. Before inflatable movie screens hit the  market in the early 90’s, old school pull down screens, white tarps and even bedsheets were the choice for  outdoor theater.  The problem with these home made  screens strength and weather resistance. Another problem with these screens is portability and long set up times.   Airblown inflatable movie screens allow users to setup movie screens easily.

The concept is very easy, inflatable  screens are usually made of tarpaulin, oxford nylon polyester. An air blown inflatable screen is inflated via air blower. There are two types of inflatable screens, sealed and non-sealed screens. Non sealed  inflatable  screens  require the air blower to run constantly.  Sealed screens are inflated then sealed. These inflatable  screens do not require a constant flow of air.  Sealed movie screens can be used for swimming pool and aqua applications.  To complete your  outdoor movie package,  just add a projector, sound system and a DVD/Bluray player.

Depending on your budget, a quality projector is almost as important as the projection screen you choose.  A good projector can be costly. Add a pair of quality speakers and your setup can get quite expensive.  Many people who do not want to spend  a lot of money on a system choose to rent.

Partyflix,  specialize in big movie screen rentals in Miami, FL. They will setup an inflatable movie screen and premium sound system for your next event. They have inflatable screens that range from 9ft to 30ft diagonally. They are price fairly. Aside from movie screen rentals, they provide a host of other services: Video Djing, Karaoke, and video game rental.  For those interested, Partyflix is looking to franchise its brand outside the South Florida Area. They can be reached at: 1-855-305-3549.


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